BY MIA Barber Skin Fade Brush | Wooden Handle | Antistatic | Beard & Moustache

One brush, endless possibilities! BY MIA’s antistatic brush styles, fades, & conditions beards & moustaches. From barber shop to bathroom, it’s your beard’s best friend.

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  • Wooden handle: Crafted from smooth, polished wood for a comfortable and stylish grip.
  • Antistatic bristles: Soft, synthetic bristles prevent flyaways and ensure smooth brushing, reducing irritation and promoting beard health.
  • Skin fade perfection: Ideal for brushing away hair after fades and tapers, leaving clean lines and a polished look.
  • Beard and moustache care: Perfect for daily brushing to distribute natural oils, detangle hairs, and promote growth.
  • Versatile: Use it dry for styling or with beard oil/balm for added nourishment and shine.


  • Reduces irritation: Gentle on skin, preventing razor bumps and ingrown hairs.
  • Promotes healthy beard growth: Stimulates blood circulation and distributes natural oils.
  • Maintains clean lines: Perfect for keeping fades and tapers sharp.
  • Easy to use: Lightweight and comfortable to hold for extended periods.
  • Durable: High-quality materials ensure long-lasting use.

Whether you’re a seasoned barber or a bearded gentleman who takes pride in his appearance, the BY MIA Barber Skin Fade Brush is a must-have tool for your grooming routine.

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  • Material: Wood handle, synthetic bristles

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